Our Signature Workshop

From Surviving To Creatively Thriving

Our signature workshop From Surviving To Creatively Thriving helps creatives identify the source of their survival mode and give them tools to reframe and feel safe (to create) once more. We work with attendees as whole people rather than ideas machines to:

  • feel safe to create and experiment
  • unblock and reframe limiting beliefs and mindset issues
  • help them understand and embrace their personal creative ebbs and flows
  • unlock their authentic voice

Workshop available in full day or multi days depending on your needs/size of team

Why is our signature workshop about survival mode? What's that got to do with creativity?

In short... Creativity isn't essential to survival

When our Neanderthal cousins were being chased by a bear they needed to be able to run, fast. What they didn’t need to do was paint a picture, design a website or create a marketing campaign.

In fight-flight-freeze-or-fawn (survival modes), most of our internal systems shut down from digestion and reproduction to creative skills to give our bodies as much energy as possible to run and protect our vital organs should the bear catch up with us.

Cool, I get it. But what does that mean for us? I'm not a Neanderthal and I'm not being chased by a bear.

Unfortunately, our survival mechanisms haven’t evolved as much as we’d like since then. This means that while our modern day doesn’t involve being chased by a bear on the way to work, it IS filled with not-bear-shaped stresses and our bodies can’t tell the difference so they go into survival mode.

This lack of safety could be created by any number of things including:

  • Cost of living crisis
  • Personal/family health
  • Home life
  • Future plans
  • Family planning
  • Mental health issues
  • Inherited ancestral patterns
  • Childhood trauma
  • Personal limiting beliefs
  • Fear of judgment/persecution complex
The bottom line is

Get your creatives out of survival mode* and watch their creativity soar

*That’s where we come in with our From Surviving To Creatively Thriving Workshop

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1:1 and Group Coaching

We provide regular coaching sessions in groups or individuals to help support them on a longer term basis - available in 3/6/ 9/12 month contracts, and available both with or without an initial group workshop.

From Surviving To Creatively Thriving Workshop

Our signature workshop helps your creative team get out of survival mode, provides insight into your team’s survival mode contributing factors and actional tips to move forward

Bespoke Workshops and Presentations

We create further bespoke workshops and presentations centred around specific issues or shared goals such as improved team collaboration to help your achieve your personal company goals

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What People Say

“We addressed my confidence and much, much more. I gained clarity around my business, target market and more confidence in my ability to help people. I feel more grounded, powerful and have unblocked many of my self imposed limitations.

We dealt with my abundance blocks and inadvertently resolved a long standing health issue. It’s quite incredible how much we’ve achieved.”
Linda Docherty
Coach and Hypnotherapist
“My coaching has been an incredibly positive experience. I am in a business-facing role, often building relationships with stakeholders so my aim was looking at how I can improve my interactions with people.

The experience has made me reflect and challenge my skills and experience in a positive way. It has made me look at areas that may require improvement proactively which is all I could have asked for.”
Aida Zorba
HR Business Partner @ City Lit