From Surviving to Creatively Thriving: Unlock Your Creative Flow

Finally Break Free From Creative Survival Mode

You know the feeling – when inspiration seems to have fled, leaving you struggling just to get work done. Maybe you’re coping with creative burnout and apathy. Perhaps you’re paralysed by perfectionism or fears of failure. Or financial stresses have you grinding endlessly as a “starving artist.”

Whatever survival mode looks like for you, one thing’s clear: Your creative flow is being disrupted. And that means fewer opportunities, less innovative output, and a cramped inability to give your best work to clients.

Make no mistake – survival mentalities directly impact your bottom line as a creative professional. And that’s not just income lost on uninspired projects. Long-term unresolved blocks can lead to depression, health problems, and questioning your life’s path.

When you’re just barely surviving, you can’t truly thrive in your creative work and life. It’s time to shatter the patterns holding you stuck.

How would it feel to go from this...

To this...

Unlock Boundless Creative Flow with Our "From Surviving to Creatively Thriving" Workshop

This isn't just any creativity program - it's an intensive mind/body/spirit reboot drawing from Transformational Coaching, ancient philosophies like Traditional Chinese Medicine, and radical creative prompts.

In the workshop you'll embark on a profound journey to:

Uncover the root sources keeping you stuck in survival

Release toxic conditioning and identity-level blocks

Access creativity as your most natural, joyful state

Tap into an abundance of innovative ideas and energy

Cultivate lifelong creative confidence and courage

Sustainably realign with your truest inspirations and desires

Don't keep slogging away, overthinking every move. You have a choice - to merely survive as a creative machine or embody the vibrant artistic spirit you were born to be.

Renew your passion, multiply your creative output, and expand what's possible in your life and work. Join us for an awakening into the creative rebirth you deserve!

Workshop Details

The nitty gritty of what you need to know


The workshop is 3 hours long


Available online via Zoom


3 hour workshop
- £125 per person

Meet Our Workshop Facilitators

Camilla Fellas Arnold

Creative Lead, Executive Creative Coach

Emily Tuck

Holistic Lead, Executive Coach

Chloe Ambrose

Associate Creative Coach

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