From Surviving to Creatively Thriving: Ignite Your Teams Creative Potential

Could survival mode be hindering your staff?

Are your creative teams operating at their highest level? Or is survival mode quietly draining their inspiration, productivity and passion?

When creative teams get stuck in survival mentalities like perfectionism, the starving artist grind, or fears around failure and judgment, the results show up on your bottom line.

The real cost? Missed opportunities for true creative advantage.

But what if your team could break through these limitations with ease? Unleash their boldest, most innovative work every time? And tap into continuously renewing creative fuel sources?

Staff in Survival Mode Looks Like This...

Staff in Thriving Mode Looks Like This...

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Introducing Our "From Surviving to Creatively Thriving" Corporate Group Workshop:

This immersive, transformative experience combines subconscious mindset shifts with creative exercises to shatter team survival cycles once and for all.

Through our holistic system drawing from ancient wisdom, creative tools and modern coaching techniques, your team will:

Identify and shift out of toxic creative patterns

Collaborate dynamically with renewed energy

Produce fresh, courageous work without doubts

Increase productivity and energy

Access more creative flow and new inspiration

Innovate and magnetise new clients

Group Workshop Details

The nitty gritty of what you need to know


Standard workshop is 3 hours long for up to 12 participants.

Deep dive full/multi days and larger group workshops available upon request.


Available online via Zoom or on site at your company.


Standard 3 hour workshop for up to 12 participants
- £1,500

(On site may incur extra travel costs)

Meet Our Workshop Facilitators

Camilla Fellas Arnold

Creative Lead, Executive Creative Coach

Emily Tuck

Holistic Lead, Executive Coach

Chloe Ambrose

Associate Creative Coach

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