Who Are We

Blending Holistic Approaches and Creative Expertise in Coaching

The Visionary Coaching Centre was founded by Emily Tuck and Camilla Fellas Arnold, who use a combination of coaching, holistic practices, and subconscious tools to transform individuals’ lives, relationships, and future. Using their unique approaches, skills and experience they have created CPD courses and accredited diplomas aimed at providing coaches with this unique blend of coaching and subconscious tools to enhance their coaching practice.


Emily is a coach and has been a multidisciplinary holistic practitioner since 2001. She is trained in Kinesiology, Mindset Priming Coaching, EFT, Transforming DNA Memories, Vibrational Sound Essences, Bowen Technique, and Divine Transformational Rays Healing. Camilla is an ILM Level 7 executive coach, mentor, EMCC UK Accredited Senior Practitioner and creativity facilitator. She has worked in the creative industries for over a decade across multiple disciplines and is an international bestselling author.

The Vision and Mission

The two met during a collaborative project in 2020 and hit it off, beginning a journey that led to the creation of the Centre. Both are experienced, trained coaches and mentors, developing programmes to bring subconscious tools to the coaching industry and to provide better mental and emotional support for creatives and creative coaches. They offer various programs and training courses that aim to break apart the old paradigms of society, address the interconnectivity of all aspects of our lives, and usher in new narratives for the creative, coaching and holistic industries.


Camilla and Emily have set up the Visionary Coaching Centre to bring their blended approach of coaching, mentoring, energetic and holistic tools to the coaching industry in the form of accredited CPD courses, diplomas, downloadable coaching tools and resources and supervision for coaches. The Visionary Coaching Centre offers membership for coaches to access ongoing supervision, mentoring, support, courses and resources to enhance and develop their coaching practice.

Who Are We?

Camilla Fellas Arnold

Executive Coach and Mentor, Creativity Facilitator

  • ILM Level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor
  • EMCC UK Accredited Senior Practitioner
  • BA (Hons) Design for Publishing and MA Communication Design from Norwich University of the Arts
  • Creativity Facilitator
  • 10+ Years Working Freelance in Creative Industries

Emily Tuck

Executive Coach and Mentor, Creativity Facilitator

  • ILM Level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor
  • 8 Years Experience In Internal Recruiting and HR
  • 20 Years Working as a Multidisciplinary Holistic Practitioner including Kinesiology, EFT, and Vibrational Sound Essences
  • 8 Years Supporting Businesses as Holistic Practitioner

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