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What is the Visionary Coaching Centre

The Visionary Coaching Centre, founded by Emily Tuck and Camilla Fellas Arnold, blends coaching, holistic practices, and subconscious tools to transform lives, creativity and relationships. They offer CPD courses and accredited diplomas for coaches, breaking apart old paradigms and ushering in new narratives for the coaching, holistic and creative industries. With their unique approach, they provide ongoing supervision, mentoring, and support to enhance coaching practices.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Using an interconnectivity approach in executive coaching

What is interconnectivity or the holistic approach in coaching?

“Interconnectivity coaching is the understanding that all aspects of our person, our mind, body, spirit and energy are connected and can affect and impact each other. The interconnectivity approach in coaching takes into account the whole person and all aspects of their life, not solely focusing on the goal they have set.


Using the interconnective approach blends modalities that address the conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind, the physical and somatic body and subtle anatomy with coaching, helping clients achieve their goals and inviting them to reach far beyond what they ever thought was possible.”

(Tuck and Fellas Arnold, 2023)

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Money, Sex, Power: The Interconnectivity Approach in Coaching

Are you tired of the same old coaching approaches that fail to get to the root of your client’s issues? Do you want to learn a fresh and effective way to help your clients achieve their goals and become their best selves? Then our accredited CPD course “Money, Sex, Power: The Interconnectivity Approach in Coaching” is just what you need.

Money, Sex, Power: The Interconnectivity Approach in Coaching​

April 2023

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