Take The
Creative Survival Mode

Feeling stuck in a creativity rut? Got all the creative gear but no ideas? Spinning wheels instead of making reels?

You may be in survival mode.

Survival mode is when you’re just going through the motions creatively without any spark. You may be churning out work because it pays the bills. Or endlessly perfecting one niche skill out of fear of failure. Perhaps anxiety, self-doubt or other stresses have your creative soul in a chokehold. Maybe you can’t create anything at all.

The good news? Identifying your struggle is the first step to breaking free.

That’s why we created this quiz to pinpoint which of the five core creative survival modes you may be stuck in. We’ll get to the heart of your survival mode and at the end, you’ll get targeted tips to start shifting out of surviving and back to creatively thriving.

Why stay trapped rehashing the same old creative rut when you could be innovating joyfully with an open heart?

Take the quiz now and let’s get you out of survival mode and back to your creative best!

Learn your survival mode to take yourself from surviving to creatively thriving.