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In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, success demands more than just professional competence – it requires a holistic approach that unlocks the full capabilities of your leaders and teams. At Visionary Coaching Centre, we provide cutting-edge integrative corporate coaching programs designed to cultivate profound personal and professional growth.

Our Transformative Methodology

We blend executive coaching with holistic mind-body-spirit practices to create a truly integrative experience. Through our unique visionary approach, we help individuals and teams transcend self-limiting beliefs, optimize their mental and emotional wellbeing, and tap into their highest levels of performance and fulfilment.

This multidimensional methodology facilitates quantum leaps in self-awareness, resilience, communication, leadership capability, and overall wellbeing for your workforce.

Our expert coaches seamlessly integrate:

Investing in Holistic Wellbeing Ignites Excellence

Organisations thrive when people feel empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. Our holistic wellbeing programs enhance emotional intelligence, reduce burnout, improve team dynamics, and spark innovation – providing a tangible competitive advantage.

From C-suite executives to cross-functional teams, we collaborate with you to design a tailored experience that elevates your people’s mindsets, unlocks their potential, and aligns them with your company’s vision.

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Become a Visionary Organisation

Transform your corporate culture today. Explore our integrative corporate coaching solutions and gain the tools to cultivate an empowered, high-performing workforce that embodies your organisation's highest vision.

Working with our Interconnectivity Coaching Approach you, your company and staff will:

Identify and shift out of toxic creative patterns

Collaborate dynamically with renewed energy

Produce fresh, courageous work without doubts

Increase productivity and energy

Access more creative flow and new inspiration

Innovate and magnetise new clients

Coaching Details

The nitty gritty of what you need to know


Coaching sessions: 1:1 or group sessions available weekly or monthly for 3/6/9/12 month packages.

Deep dive full/multi days and larger group workshops available upon request.


Available online via Zoom or on site at your company.


Standard 1:1 90 minute executive coaching session: - £500

Standard 3 hour group coaching session for up to 12 participants - £1500

For alternative formats or long term ongoing packages contact us for a bespoke quote

(On site may incur extra travel costs)

Meet Our Coaches and Workshop Facilitators

Camilla Fellas Arnold

Creative Lead, Executive Creative Coach

Emily Tuck

Holistic Lead, Executive Coach

Chloe Ambrose

Associate Creative Coach

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