Your Chinese Five Element Is


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Understand Your Element

Metal Element

Hello Metal type,

Before you dip into and begin to absorb the deeper knowledge about your constitutional element, take a moment to ponder your initial feelings Metal. What does it mean to you? What does metal symbolise?

Is your armour firmly in place? What does this barrier separating you from the world do for you? 

Is it protective, acting as a shield between the negative people and dangers of the world?

Or is it instead hiding you from the full and unique life that is yours to claim. 

Perhaps instead it is time you let your guard down to allow the good people and situations to come into your life. 

I know you want to slide on to explore your constitutional type in detail, but before you do try reading the following affirmations out loud:

  • I release all that no longer serves me.
  • I embrace positive change in my life.

Focused Metal Personality

If you discovered you are a Metal personality, you are blessed with an indomitable spirit, clarity of mind, and laser-focused determination. Those with the Metal element personify strength, willpower, and a drive for order.

Like the cool, sleek resilience of metal itself, you possess an instinctual sense of discipline, boundaries, and upholding high standards. You excel at setting goals and following through with meticulous precision. Your ability to remain objective and analytical provides an exceptional talent for problem-solving.

In all areas of life, you strive to refine, optimize and elevate – whether that’s your living spaces, career track, or even your personal growth. You have a keen appreciation for quality, structure and creating systems. Cutting through distractions and approaching tasks with focus is second nature.

While these gifts allow you immense productivity and success, take care that your single-minded intensity doesn’t veer into inflexibility or detachment. Be willing to bend, adapt and engage the occasional spontaneity so you don’t become too rigid.

Your innate sense of ethics, honour and confident assertiveness can manifest as remarkable leadership when balanced properly. Channel your exactitude into protecting the underdog and dismantling injustice.

By integrating wisdom and compassion with your steely determination, you can temper the harsh edges of the Metal element. Find harmony through connecting to humanitarian and spiritual values. Let your integrity shine as you forge new pathways for the greater good.

Support Your Element

Here's some practices and ideas to help your support your element

Cultivate Clarity

Journal about your core values, standards and life vision

Elevate Structure

Identify areas of your life that need better systems or routines

Refine Your Edge

Continually upgrade your skills through courses, training or credentials

Channel Assertiveness

Temper criticism with empathy; be open-minded to others' perspectives

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