Your Chinese Five Element Is


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Understand Your Element

Fire Element

Hello Fire type,

Before you dip into and begin to absorb the deeper knowledge about your constitutional element, take a moment to ponder your initial feelings about fire. How do you feel about it? What does fire symbolise to you?

Imbalanced fire types can either be overzealous and fiery, your roaring flames burning out of control and consuming you and those around you. Or otherwise need a firecracker underneath you before your passion is kindled. 

I know you are curious to get to the core of your element type but before you do try saying the following affirmations out loud:

  • I attract only what is beneficial to me and the universe.
  • I have the passion to go after my dreams. 


Passionate Fire Personality

If you discovered your primary elemental influence is Fire, you are blessed with an energetic, enthusiastic zest for life that ignites those around you. Just as fire provides warmth and light, you radiate joy, expressive creativity and an unmistakable personal flair.

Those with the Fire element are impossible not to notice with their charismatic confidence and dynamic personalities. You were born to be in the spotlight, sharing your bold ideas, humour and convictions with the world. Personal authenticity is of utmost importance – you can’t be anything other than your true, vibrant self.

Your fearless, adventurous spirit embraces new experiences and isn’t afraid of taking risks to chase your biggest dreams. The conventional path was never meant for a free spirit like you. You’d much rather blaze a trail as a trailblazer than follow in someone else’s footsteps.

While your passionate idealism and spontaneity are attractive qualities, be cautious that your intensity doesn’t flare into impulsiveness, desperation to be loved or lack of follow-through. Sometimes your fiery enthusiasm can spark quickly, only to burn out just as fast. Practice perseverance to match your vision.

To fully embody the virtues of the Fire element, temper your wildness with discipline and look inward for deeper wisdom. Let your inspirational flame burn as a steady, enduring source of light for others rather than fleeting fireworks. Channel your sovereignty into noble, compassionate causes.

By harnessing the heating force of your fire-y nature in balanced ways, you can be the vibrant catalyst that brings ideas, art and positive change into this world. With commitment, your sparks can become a renaissance.

Support Your Element

Here's some practices and ideas to help your support your element

Fan Your Spark

Explore new artistic outlets like painting, dance, music or writing to express yourself

Cultivate Inspiration

Travel to new places that awaken your sense of adventure and wonder

Harness Your Enthusiasm

Learn breathing techniques to control runaway impulsivity or impatience

Ignite Your Passions

Build a thriving social life around hobbies and interests you love

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