Your Chinese Five Element Is


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Understand Your Element

Wood Element

Hello Wood type,

Before you dip into and begin to absorb the deeper knowledge about your constitutional element, take a moment to ponder your initial feelings about wood. What does it mean to you? What does wood symbolise?

Are you a tree in a pot, your roots stunted and stuck, unable to reach your potential? You might need to break free and spread your roots deep into the rich earth.

Or are you spreading seeds everywhere, so many in fact that you can’t nurture them as they need and as a result, all will be sickly and weak? Pruning at the right stage will allow the strongest to receive more of your attention and love so they can transform into the mighty oaks they were born to be. 

I know you can’t wait to immerse yourself  in your in-depth look at your element type, but before you do say these affirmations out loud to yourself:

  • I have what I need when I need it.
  • I am gracious through transformation.


Wise Wood Personality

If you emerged as a Wood personality type, you are a true visionary and trailblazer. The Wood element is associated with springtime – a lush reinvigoration of growth, new possibilities, and upward expansive energy.

As a Wood personality, you are blessed with exceptional foresight, creativity, and an innate ability to manifest your ambitious visions into reality. You don’t just dream up ideas, you make them happen through sheer determination and strategic planning.

You are a natural leader who inspires others with your enthusiasm, optimism and innovative thinking. Careers that allow you to launch pioneering initiatives or start your own entrepreneurial endeavours are ideal fits. Your pioneering spirit thrives on turning the path into something new.

Like a vibrant, thriving tree, your rising potential seems limitless when you confidently follow your wise intuition. You have a special talent for cultivating growth in yourself and others.

However, your zest for growth and aspirations can sometimes outpace what’s reasonable. Be careful of reckless lifestyles or risky ventures that could cause you to overshoot your aims. With patience and pragmatism, your visions can steadily become a reality.

To fully embody the virtuous Wood qualities, nurture your innate kindness, integrity and adaptability. Develop forgiveness, humility, and remember to be gentle in your leadership.

Let your soaring dreams be firmly rooted in consideration for yourself and others. By living in harmonious balance, you’ll ascend to your highest self.

Support Your Element

Here's some practices and ideas to help your support your element

Nurture Your Growth

Start a vision board to clarify your goals and manifest your dreams

Stay Balanced

Keep a journal to process your racing thoughts and ideas

Explore Leadership

Mentor someone and allow your nurturing wisdom to shine

Follow Your Vision

Let your creativity blossom through art, writing or inventive pursuits

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