Your Chinese Five Element Is


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Understand Your Element

Water Element

Hello Water type,

Before you dip into and begin to absorb the deeper knowledge about your constitutional element, take a moment to ponder your initial feelings about water. How do you feel about it? What does water mean to you? What does it symbolise in your life and your goals?

Is water representative of the great unknown, does its depth scare you, do you keep away through fear?

Or do you dive straight in heedless of what could be lurking in the deep?

Where on the scale does your imbalance lie? 

Are you too fearful or should you exercise more caution?

I know you can’t wait to dive in, but before you do say these affirmations out loud to yourself:

  • I trust my inner guidance.
  • I am in charge of my own destiny.

Still Water Personality

If you found yourself to be a Water personality, you are blessed with profound spiritual reserves and a calming, unruffled presence. Like a placid lake, you exude an air of serene tranquility regardless of your surroundings.

Those with the Water element have an innate talent for going with the flow while still maintaining their core, centered sense of self. You simply can’t be rushed or flustered – you understand that all things move in natural cycles and seasons.

Your compassionate, empathetic nature allows you to deeply tune into the emotional undercurrents in any situation or relationship. An excellent listener, you make others feel heard and understood through your ability to be fully present.

Those around you are naturally soothed by your unflappable, patient demeanor. You have a healing, purifying influence when you bring stillness and depth into environments that are chaotic or superficial.

While your gentle strength and quiet wisdom are assets, be cautious that you don’t become overly reserved, indecisive, fearful or stuck in solitary introspection. Be sure to take time for social connection to avoid stagnation.

Like the fluidity of water itself, you are most vibrant when you allow for change, new experiences, and flowing freely in life. Face fears through cultivating greater flexibility and openness.

By embracing your profound self-awareness while also gracefully riding the tides of life, you can actualize the balanced, soulful presence water represents. Let it shape and revitalize all you touch.

Support Your Element

Here's some practices and ideas to help your support your element

Cultivate Stillness

Keep a reflective journal to process your depths of emotion and intuition

Tune Into Your Rhythms

Explore your dreams and subconscious mind through practices like dream journaling

Develop Fluidity

Try new activities that encourage you to "go with the flow" like dancing, swimming, etc.

Nurture Connection

Explore your artistic, creative side through an expressive outlet

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