Your Creative Survival Mode Is

The Suffering Artist

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Understand Your Survival Mode

Surviving Mode:
Suffering Artist

The Suffering Artist struggles with fears, self-doubt, and feeling unworthy. Their work comes from a place of anguish instead of inspiration. They may deal with inconsistent income, mental health challenges, and creating art out of compulsion rather than joy. The Suffering Artist believes their art lacks value without pain.

Thriving Mode:
Spirited Artist

In contrast, the Spirited Artist creates from a place of curiosity, self-trust, and inner wisdom. They find fulfilment in the creative process itself, not just the final product. The Spirited Artist experiences flow states, financial stability, confidence, and joy. Their work comes from a place of healing instead of wounds. They are daring, bold and brave with their work. They can separate their self-worth from their creations. The Spirited Artist sees their art as one joyful brushstroke on the canvas of life.

Activate Your Thriving Mode

Let's Change The Narrative From Suffering To Daring Artist


Write down what brings you joy and make time for those activities.


Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations and mantras.


Try creative exercises focused on playfulness not perfection. Explore what creative from a play of joy looks like in your work.


Explore holistic tools like meditation, yoga, or nature immersion to calm your nervous system.

Ready to Kick Survival To The Curb For Good And Creatively Thrive?