Your Creative Survival Mode Is

The Sour Artist

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Understand Your Survival Mode

Surviving Mode:
Sour Artist

The Sour Artist struggles with self-loathing and suppressing their own creativity. Due to childhood trauma or limiting beliefs, they feel unworthy of expressing themselves artistically. The Sour Artist may mindlessly consume art but secretly look down on artists and the creative process. Having never been encouraged to explore art, they lack understanding of its value. The Sour Artist rejects their own inner artist and suffocates self-expression.

Thriving Mode:
Sovereign Artist

In contrast, the Sovereign Artist appreciates art and allows themselves to experiment creatively. They have let go of old conditioning that shamed their artistic side. The Sovereign Artist recognises art and creativity as paths for growth and self-discovery. They support independent creators and actively change their consuming habits to be more mindful. The Sovereign Artist nurtures their inner artist through play and experimentation from an emotionally mature place. They experience fulfilment in artistic self-expression, diminished self-judgment, and a sense of personal sovereignty.

Activate Your Thriving Mode

Let's Change The Narrative From Sour To Sovereign Artist


Doodle or free write daily without judgment to tap into creativity. Identify and reframe beliefs shrinking your inner artist. "I am allowed to create."


Validate your inner artist through affirmations. "My creativity is a gift to cherish."


Commit to expressing yourself creatively in small steps rather than big leaps. Try simple activities like scribbling and finger painting to heal your inner child.


Find an artistic mentor or community to inspire and guide you.

Ready to Kick Survival To The Curb For Good And Creatively Thrive?