Your Creative Survival Mode Is

The Sacrificial Artist

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Understand Your Survival Mode

Surviving Mode:
Sacrificial Artist

The Sacrificial Artist struggles with burnout, lack of inspiration, and losing their sense of self. Their work lacks authenticity as they create what they think others want to see. The Sacrificial Artist is motivated by fame, money, and external validation rather than internal purpose. They feel the need to sell out their true passions and integrity. Mental health issues, a persecution complex, and loss of identity may occur. The Sacrificial Artist puts on a show rather than expressing their soul.

Thriving Mode:
Soulful Artist

In contrast, the Soulful Artist stays true to their inner voice and passions. Their work comes from a place of integrity and self-knowledge. The Soulful Artist feels confident in their skills and has a strong sense of purpose. They create for the joy of self-expression rather than chasing fame or wealth. The Soulful Artist is inspired by their soul’s calling. They maintain work-life balance, financial stability, and mental wellbeing. Their creations feel deeply authentic and fulfilling.

Activate Your Thriving Mode

Let's Change The Narrative From Sacrificial To Soulful Artist


Connect to your core values through journaling. What matters most? Who are you at your core?


Use the affirmation/mantra 'I am safe to speak my truth.'


Consult your soul - ask 'Is this who I am?' before making decisions.


Make self-care and replenishment a priority, not a luxury. Say no to opportunities that don't align with your truth.

Ready to Kick Survival To The Curb For Good And Creatively Thrive?