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– April 2023
– 16 hours accredited CPD hours with the Association for Coaching
– Online via Zoom
– £750 GBP

Money, Sex, Power: The Interconnectivity Approach in Coaching​

How are they connected and why do these matter to an Executive Coach?

This course is designed specifically for executive coaches who want to understand the interconnectedness of sex, money, power, creativity, legacy, and business. You will learn how this knowledge can transform the way you approach coaching and help you take a whole human approach to your practice.

Through our expert-led course, you will learn about the impact of these interconnected areas on people and how to use this understanding to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes. Our course will teach you how to incorporate this approach into your coaching practice to build stronger relationships with your clients and help them achieve their goals more effectively.

What You'll Learn

– Become a better Coach by expanding your knowledge of what impacts other aspects of a coachees life, what can affect their in session goals and their ability to self actualise.

– Interconnectivity and Holistic Approach, understand why sex money power legacy and business are all connected. How this impacts us and how to take a whole human approach in your coaching.

– Expand your coaching practice, learn how to intergrate your understanding of interconnectivity and the whole human approach into your coaching practice,using both exisiting and new coaching tools & models with confidence and ease to support your coachees.

CPD Scheme

–This course is recognised for CPD hours with the Association for Coaching.

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